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There’s nothing like going to bingo and scarfing down junk food, unless something dreadful happens, like a woman dying from poisoned lemonade.
Agnes Barton arrives late for bingo in Redwater and immediately is in investigative role as she assists Kimberly Steele. The first responders are working on Milly Clark, and all the sleuths can do is look on in horror.

Kimberly and Agnes make an admirable team, and with the arrival of Eleanor Mason, they can’t fail as they search for the source of the deadly lemonade, which leads them to learn that Milly’s gossiping has resulted in misfortune for her neighbors.

When they delve deeply into Milly’s gossip, they can’t help but wonder if her wagging tongue caused her death. But will they be able to solve this case before the next bingo and yet another resident is murdered?

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Tawas Goes Hollywood

When a video of Agnes and Eleanor solving a mystery is leaked online … director, Roman Douglas, hopes to profit from their success and make a movie about them showcasing Tawas as the next Cabot Cove.

Production trucks are soon rolling into town and setting up at the Tawas Point for the opening scene, but before the director has a chance to call out action, a woman is found dead on the set.

Actresses Hannah Paris and Eileen Foster didn’t come to Tawas to be embroiled in a real mystery and they’re certainly not welcome to butt in as Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason embark on their greatest adventure to date — proving to those Hollywood big shots they deserve to be acting in their own movie!

But will Agnes and Eleanor be able to solve this mystery before the cast and crew is killed off one by one?

Introducing Lake Forest Witches!

New Release

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Agnes Barton Holiday Mystery Series

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