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Penny and Holly have opened the Pet Recovery Center to locate lost pets, but when bones are dug up at a Victorian mansion, it’s game on to find a husky who stole a jawbone, that just might help the police to identify the remains.

Sheriff Nathan Bradley is willing to allow, Penny, who he dated in high school to assist on a cold case, on her own time. But it’s proven to be difficult when she slips information to the press that’s he’s not ready to share.

While Penny and Holly search to find out who buried remains on the Gravely’s property, they have yet to find the husky!

It’s a race against the clock as the girls track down the missing husky with the help of Percy the pig. To find the jawbone that was taken from the crime scene in time to catch a killer.

New Release

Tawas is abuzz in activity with a book signing right here in town. Actress Sara Knoxville isn’t just an author of a newly released Hollywood Tell All book; she’s the owner of the Butler Mansion. Readers soon feel a little cheated when a key page is missing from the book, which spurs Agnes and Eleanor into detective action.

Soon they have a cameraman and his assistant following the girls around town recording their every move at the suggestion of movie director Roman Douglas. Hey they might even get their own reality show. If only Agnes didn’t have to investigate from a wheelchair thanks to a sprained ankle.

Of course when Sara and some of her Hollywood friends disappear, a missing page from a book become very frivolous.
Will Agnes and Eleanor be able to find Sara and her friends before it’s too late?

When Sheriff Peterson is injured during a high-speed chase — Agnes and Eleanor spring into action.

Agnes Barton and Sheriff Peterson’s working relationship is shoddy at best. He’d rather balk at the idea of Agnes and Eleanor independently investigating his cases. That changes though when he’s injured in a high-speed chase. While the good sheriff is laid up at a secret location for his own safety, the girls are on the case.

It’s hard to investigate the true nature of the sheriff’s accident though when Rodney Scott is murdered at the local bowling alley and all they have to rely on is the Interim Sheriff Karl Roberts. Agnes needs to quell her suspicions about Roberts as the girls launch an investigation that has them at their wits end and it will take more than luck to solve this case.


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